BAGUIO CITY: Cordillera World

At Mines View Park there's a new store called Cordillera World .. wherein you can see the culture of Cordillera .. you can also wear the tribe's costumes and have some picture around ..

BAGUIO CITY: Bell Church

The bell is also one of the spots in my itinerary once I'm in Baguio City. On the way to Strawberry Fields in La Trinidad I always dropped by at the Bell Church. It is located in the north of Baguio along the road going to La Trinidad, Benguet.

LA TRINIDAD: Strawberry Fields

Just a few minutes away from the downtown area of Baguio, La Trinidad's Strawberry Fields or better known as Strawberry Farm has always been a part of my itinerary when in the city. This is where you can have your fresh strawberries. Not only strawberries because on some part they also plant lettuce.
the biggest strawberry I've seen :)

BAGUIO CITY: Cemetery of Negativism

 The Lost Cemetery of Negativism is one spot in Camp John Hay that I keep on visiting .. I find it funny and at the same time with sense. :)

Written on the entrance:
"Negativism is man's greatest self imposed infliction, his most limiting factor, his heaviest burden. No more for here is buried the world's negativism for all time. Those who rest here have died not in vain - but for you a stern reminder. As you leave this hill remember that the rest of your life, Be More Positive.
Have a good day! Treat today like its your last though its the first of the rest."  - CJH