On my previous Baguio Trip, it was just a quick trip to attend a family event but I still tried to make a list of some place I want to go or restaurants to try .. So I make a search on what else to do or where else to go in Baguio City .. I came across Oh My Gulay .. but I saw where it was located but I didn't have a chance to go there .. so on my second trip for 2011 .. me, hubby, and cousin went to have our late lunch there .. it is located along Session Road .. Look for the green building named La Azotea and it's in the top most floor .. 

BAGUIO CITY: Glenn 50's Diner

The Glenn 50's Diner which is located in General Luna Road in the corner of Leonard Wood Road and Brent Road is recommended to me by my aunt to try. I, hubby, and my cousin decided to have our lunch there. The diner somehow looks cute with the light blue and pink colors.

Seat Sales . More Fun in the Philippines . Piso Fare

The piso fare from Cebu Pacific Air is on! 
It just started now when the clock strikes 12. It's there P1 for every Juan .. P1 just for fun .. Seat Sales . More fun in the Philippines promo .. It simply means all basic fare to all domestic destinations .. Not just for the domestic flights but also for International destinations .. 
Their promo only runs until the 22nd of January 2012
With the travel period from June 1 until December 15, 2012.

So to those who haven't started exploring thru travel, start now. 

Here's their website:

BAGUIO CITY: Philippine Military Academy & PMA Museum

The Philippine Military Academy in Fort Gregorio Del Pilar, Loakan Road, Baguio City prepares the best Filipino men and women for military services.