CEBU TRIP : Mactan Shrine / Lapu-Lapu Shrine

When I first stepped in Cebu City some years ago .. I really wanted to visit/see the Mactan Shrine and meet Lapu-Lapu but they'll always say its far .. And since I was with my parents I didn't insist .. And one reason I choose Cebu this time is the Mactan Shrine .. yeah I wasn't able to get over it .. lol .. I asked from the hotel personnels how to get to Lapu-Lapu Shrine or better known as the Mactan Shrine .. The first answer I got "it's far" .. and for the question how to get there? The answer that I always get is "take a cab" .. but it'll cost you a lot .. what I did was research :) .. on how to commute going there .. 

After the DIY Cebu Walk I went straight to Pier 3 .. in Pier 3 there's a ferry boat for Bohol as well as Ferry for Mactan .. So I went to the area for Mactan I paid P12.00 for the ticket and P1.00 for the terminal fee .. I find it funny coz the P1.00 terminal fee is printed on a nice paper that looks much expensive that the fee itself ..

I didn't wait long, a ferry arrived and when passengers all alighted .. those who are bound for Mactan can board .. The available ferry was the bigger one and nicer .. :)
a two decker ferry with blue plactic chairs .. I took the last row seats in the second deck to be able to get some views ..
this marker will welcome you start walking out of the ferry
The Virgen de la Regla Church can also be seen from the ferry .. I was able to checked on the church .. I went straight to the second floor following some other people .. lol .. where the chapel is located and the devotees do their prayer and dance ..

the chapel in second floor of the Church

the altar

interior of the church

from the church I took a walk to where I can ride a jeepney with a signboard of "enganyo" .. i asked twice before i was able to find where i can ride a jeepney .. well that's part of the exploration :) .. i passed by one block with a lot of barbeque stalls calles Barbeque Station .. then on the next block is the Lechon Station .. smells so good and yummy! .. Until I reached the area where jeepneys passes by .. fare only cost: P10.00 .. and the trip would range around 15-30 minutes ..

Magellan Shrine
"Magellan Shrine is 30 meters high and serve as a large memorial tower of the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan."

Lapu-Lapu Shrine
"Lapu-Lapu Shrine is a 20 meters high bronze statue in honor of Datu Lapu-Lapu, a native leader who defeated the Spanish soldiers and killed the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in the Battle of Mactan in the year 1521."


I finally meet Lapu-Lapu! :) 
It wouldn't take you long to check on the area .. Well felt like the travel was much longer than the time I finished exploring the area .. :)

Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has her own house a nipa hut type within the area and as they say she says on that house everytime she's in the area ..
the house was named "BALAY NI GLORIA" a cebuano for HOUSE OF GLORIA

and since the windows are just glass I was able to take a peek of what's inside and got some shots too .. and thru the glass it reflexes back so I wasn't able to get a real good one ..

living room

view from the Balay ni Gloria
Then the spot where Lapu Lapu killed Magellan .. there's an open house type where a marker and information was placed.

And heading out the there's a lined up of stalls selling souvenirs ..
Just right outside the Shrine there's a waiting shed where in you can wait for the jeepneys .. I asked one store owner of what jeepney should I take to go back to Lapu Lapu City for the ferry boat and he said there's no jeepney that'll passed by direct to the ferry but I can take the jeepney that has a signboard of "mercado and acacia" and get off at acacia ..

Mangroove - a view on the way back to Lapu Lapu City
Within Mactan I was also able to dropped by in one of the guitar factory .. :) .. since I was a little in a hurry to go back to Cebu City I wasn't able to check some more guitar factories
one of the guitar factory
Honestly I dont know where that acacia is .. lol .. but when I saw where I took the jeepney going to the shrine I then alighted from the jeepney and walked back to the ferry where I took the ferry boat back to Cebu City Pier 3.


  1. uh-oh didn't know about the balay ni gloria.. you can always spend a day in that area, a few km away are the best resorts like shangrila, crimson, be resort etc. they have day tours for 500-1,500.. you can slip out for a short while to visit the mactan shrine :-) then a few meters from mactan shrine are the famous sutukil restaurants.. :-) do come back sometime in the future with that itinerary hehe.. but you did seem to have quite a sight-seeing already..

  2. hi cherrey, yeah i also heard about the sutukil area but i need to reserve for dinner on that day coz i was meeting someone for a dinner and the sky adventure .. on my next cebu trip it'll out of the city tour :) .. i really just wanted to see lapu-lapu .. lol

  3. thank u ms johanna! very detailed pa. a really big help for my DIY iti :) God bless!

  4. Hi,just wanted to ask kun what time closing g mactan shrine?

  5. i don't understand

  6. What about Gun-ob City???
    have you been there?