16th French Film Festival

The 16th French Film Festival started since June 9, 2011

it started in Shangri-la Plaza Mall until the 19th of June and continued in Ayala Center Cebu June 23-25 .. and its about to end June 28 until the 2nd of July at UP Diliman Film Institute ..

here's the remaining schedule:

July 1 2011 (Friday):
2:30 p.m. - La Ceremonie ( A Judgement in Stone)
5:00 p.m. - Mademoiselle
7:30 p.m. - La Tete De Maman (Mother's Smile)

July 2 2011 (Saturday)
2:30 p.m. - Sans Toit Ni Loi (Vagabond)
5:00 p.m. - Elle's Appelle Sabine (Her Name is Sabine)
7:30 p.m. - Joueuse (Queen To Play)

It's a free admission but first come first serve basis .. :)

I was able to watch L'AUTRE (The Other One) ..
a movie about a girl named Anne Marie who has a peaceful break up with her boyfriend Alex, who she doesn't love anymore. But when Alex already had a new girl, Anne Marie got insanely jealous.


Another fave froyo store of mine .. RED MANGO .. :) .. especially their green tea yogurt .. at red mango is where my addiction to froyo starts .. :) .. a guilt free ice cream ..

this time i had .. green tea yogurt .. with 3 toppings : chocolate syrup, cheesecake, and mochi ..
you can check out their branches and even the prices on their website ..

BEABI - for travel essentials

In travelling it is more convenient to bring enough or just a little extra of your stuffs .. like for instance shampoo, conditioner, lotions, etc ... those in liquid forms .. Just in time before my travel to Singapore i found this store in Sm North named BEABI .. i dont know what the name means .. but when i checked what they're selling .. the stuffs that i need .. 
they have containers for different kinds of items and in different sizes .. for cologne/perfume instead of bringing the whole bottle you can just bring just enough for the travel period .. in pump or in spray .. containers for soap, contact lenses, powder, retainers .. etc ..

bag organizers in different sizes and colors too .. depends on your preference .. 

i got the bottles, and the ziplocks in different sizes .. a great help and not that space consuming in my bag .. :)


It's been years that i've been seeing a small area in Quezon Ave & West Ave of Slice N' Dice with a Char-Grilled Steak for P99 .. quite affordable for a steak .. but i dont have any chance of trying it .. not until i started taking the LRT on my way home from work .. When i checked out whats in Walter Mart I saw Slice N' Dice just in time that i am looking for something to eat .. :)

they do have a lot of choices and even combo meals .. 
and their budget buddies .. :)
on my second time to dine i was with a friend and i ordered the steak salpicao .. lots of garlic .. yummy!
while my friend had the char-grilled steak .. and i so love it too (take note im not into beef but i can make an exception) .. i love the taste .. just right for me .. so what we did was half of my salpicao in exchange to my friends half char-grilled T-bone steak .. :)
for the veggies we ordered their kangkong .. i like it too way different from chowking
and who can say no to a freebie?? .. the meals goes with a free soup .. :)
a western and filipino taste :)


On my way home I took the long way which is passing thru Sky Garden and another froyo store got me .. O MY YOGURT .. and i'm still on my froyo cravings ..  

It's also a self-service type of froyo corner :) .. better have a good grip coz everything that's on your cup will be charged on you ..

there are a lot of toppings to choose from .. fresh fruits .. dry fruits .. and other variety of toppings and syrups .. your own choice ..

well as for me as always .. the love of chocolate wins .. :D 
with my own perfect toppings fresh strawberries & crushed cookies ..


i'm into froyo (frozen yogurt) lately .. i'm so loving it :) .. guilt free and healthy ice cream .. with the extreme hot weather we're having lately here in Manila .. something cold can somehow ease ;) .. I've seen this stand board in front of teriyaki boy .. effective advertising coz it can really catch passers by attention with the colors .. :)  

they already have sets of combinations if you dont want to think of what to combine with your froyos that ranges fron P125.00 - P155.00 Pesos .. they have :
they also offer yogato's in waffle cones 
and in case you want to have your own combinations .. a regular size of yogato cost P78.00 Pesos
and their toppings ranges from P20.00 - P35.00 Pesos .. have it your way!
i tried to have my own combination .. :)
for my toppings: chocolate syrup, choco bonbons & banana ( i always love the combination of banana & chocolate .. if you havent tried it .. better try it .. i swear its perfect!)