The Quezon Memorial Shrine Museum is located inside the circle at the heart of the Quezon City. This is were memorabilia, photos, and Quezon's tomb is placed.  

Quezon's law diploma from University of the Philippines
Quezon's diploma in University of Santo Tomas
As a family man Manuel Quezon married his cousin Aurora Aragon en route to the US as he headed the first independence mission when the shinyu maru docked in Hong Kong on December 14, 1918. They proceeded to the American Consulate where the nuptials where held. Three days later a simple church wedding was solemnized. They were blessed with four children Maria Aurora, Zenaida, Luisa Corazon Paz (died on infancy) and Manuel Jr. Despite his busy schedule he always took time to associate daily with his member of his family. His devotion and respect for Mrs. Quezon could be compared only to his devotion and loyalty to his people. Even in the midst of an absorbing discussion, he would promptly ask to be excused when notified that his wife would like to see him or was on the telephone line.
rare photograph of Quezon and his bride, Aurora Aragon at Hong Kong, December 14, 1918
Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon
Quezon with his first child Maria Aurora
Maria Aurora - the first child of Quezon better known as Baby
Zenaida -- the second daughter nicknamed Nini

Picture of Nini made of Nacar shell
Chinese bronze jar with arabesque designs and images of Buddhist gods from Chinese Consul Gen. Kwangsen Young and Alfonso Sy-Cip
commemorative plate used by the Quezon Family

Commemorative Commonwealth Coins
a set of the 1978 50-peso and 25-peso silver coins issued by the Central Bank of the Philippines to commemorate  the 100th birth anniversary of Pres. Manuel L. Quezon .. Coins made at Franklin Mint in Exton Pennsylvania, USA

Matrimonial Bed of the First Couple (wooden bed frame with rattan strips)
Trunk-luggage used by the first family in their travels abroad
Original Hospital Bed used by President Quezon at Malinta Tunnel, Corregidor


President Quezon died on August 1 1944 in Saranac Lake, New York and was first buried at Arlington Cemetery. His remains were flown home in the Philippines after 2 years July 27, 1946 and were re entered in Manila North Cemetery in August 1, 1946.
On August 19, 1978, his 100th birth anniversary, his remains were exhumed and finally laid to rest in the granite mausoleum, the central point of the shrine.

Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon was also buried in the mausoleum with her husband.

Days: Tuesday to Sunday 
Time: 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Free Entrance 


  1. I remember visiting this place when I was a child. I think I need to visit the place again with my children.

    1. that would be a great idea .. as the area has a lot of improvements too :)

  2. wonderful work about MLQ. We have a group called Banak, Inc. (it's also in facebook) composed of the relatives of MLQ and Aurora.

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