SM MOA Eye: Tallest & Biggest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines

It was November 2011 when I noticed the construction of the ferris wheel at the mini theme park of SM Mall of Asia, when I go back in the area February 2012 it was already operational. I learned that it opened last December 16, 2011.

The SM MOA Eye is the largest and tallest ferris wheel here in the Philippines as it towers 160 feet. Just like the Singapore flyer and the London Eye it is bears resemblance to an eye because by riding it you can have the best view of the area.


It has 36 gondolas and 6 of it are the VIP gondolas. Each gondolas can accommodate 6 persons. For the regular gondolas which are the 30 are in fully air conditioned, with seats, and clear windows, while the VIP gondolas which are also in fully air conditioned has a leather seats and with tinted windows.
When we were there lucky enough the que is not really that long. The ride is a complete turn and moves slowly for more or less 10 minutes. Throughout the ride you'll be able to enjoy the 360 degrees view of the surroundings. When we ride the sunset was already done and it was already almost nighttime.

And it is also important to be aware and take note of the safety rules which are being posted near the ticket booth. And it states:

Location: SM Mall of Asia Amusement Park, along the Seaside Bay

Fees: Entance Fee for the Amusement Park is free
- Regular Gondola : P150 / person
- VIP Gondola : P200 / person

The best time for me to ride the SM MOA Eye is during:
- the Sunset
- the weekend nights fireworks display

have a great ride!


  1. until what time is the ferris wheel ?

  2. The best time also to ride the MOA eye is in the afternoos just before the sun sets. Not too hot and not too dark as well. It's great to see the spectacular view of the Manila Bay and the whole Mall of Asia while on the top. :)

    'Tis also great to try their other amusement rides as well, and me and my friends had fun with that as well. We availed on the attractions after I bought the voucher from metrodeal, check it out! MOA Eye Ride

  3. Suggestion always clean the glass of Gondolas, Once..I and family took a ride but my cameras nothing to do with uncleared windows..if riders wants to see the panoramic view and want to take pictures..its useless..