I was too eager to wake up early to be able to watch sunrise. And good thing I did and the moment I look outside my tent this is what I saw: 

Who could not ever think of thanking God when they saw something like this? 


We are lucky enough that we have been accomodated by a group who rented a private boat to Cagbalete Island particularly at Villa Cleofas where we are going to stay as well. :)
When we arrived there, we were dropped at the Bonsai Island since the boat can't access anymore because of the shallowness of the water .. another "lucky moment" .. as this is one of the reason why I want to go to Cagbalete Island.

The Bonsai Island is an islet which can only be seen during low tide as the water really gets low.

I believe it is because of this bonsai like mangrove that it's called the Bonsai Island ..

We walked from the islet going to the resort .. 
Just a tip: don't walk bare footed .. you might cut yourself from sharp dead corals ..

As the water starts to return it covers the bonsai mangrove .. :)

LILIW, LAGUNA: The Land of Footwear

Liliw, a small town in Laguna which was founded by Gat Tayaw in 1571.

Gat Tayaw

 And for most, it is known as the Shoe Capital or "The Land of Footwear". Who wouldn't love going there when you can buy footwear in an affordable price with a high quality. 

a giant sandal displayed in one store :)

Araw Ng Dabaw 2013

Here's the schedule of activities for the Araw ng Dabaw 2013:

Have fun and enjoy Davao City where Life is Here! :)