IFUGAO: Batad Rice Terraces

Years ago, i and my sister just got back in Manila from Baguio City when our cousins texted asking us to go back to Baguio and we'll head to Banaue, Ifugao .. So we packed our things again and travel back to Baguio .. Then we took the AutoBus from Baguio to Ifugao .. it was a long trip but its really worth it we arrive it was still dawn and we were welcome by a cold crisp air.. I was able to see part of the Banaue Rice Terraces .. one of the 8th Wonders of the World .. meet some locals of Ifugao .. see their lifestyle .. see their houses and even taste the rice that they've planted on the stairway like rice fields .. it was one great experience for me .. one of the unforgettable travel ..


PRIVATE VEHICLE: Travel time is approximately 8-9 hours. The two alternate routes via Baguio City is first the via Halsema Mountain Trail and Bontoc Mountain Province and the second is via San Jose City, Nueva Ecija

  • AUTOBUS - 10 P.M. & 5 P.M. (daily)
  • FLORIDA BUS - 10:45 P.M. & 8 P.M. (daily)

the traveler in me ...

it all started when i was still in my childhood days wherein my dad would always bring me along with him on his field works inspections .. like going to some dams and road projects .. backhoe, grader, steamroller, hauling trucks, and other heavy equipments .. lol .. it was fun .. i played on a pile of sands .. and when im about to graduate from elementary my dad bring me along with him on their trip to manila by land .. from mindanao to luzon .. i was in a truck so i can rest well and my dad and aunt in the pick-up .. it was an unforgettable experience for me .. from that trip i've already been in a lot of places .. from time to time we make some stop over to look around the place .. what i loved the most was the san juanico bridge and the tacloban city .. how i wish from that time i was already into photography and memory keeping .. :)

welcome to my blog!

finally! i decided to have a blog that wuld tackle just about the explorations that i've been doing .. and since i just made this now expect that you'll be reading some of the explorations / travels that i've done before ..