the traveler in me ...

it all started when i was still in my childhood days wherein my dad would always bring me along with him on his field works inspections .. like going to some dams and road projects .. backhoe, grader, steamroller, hauling trucks, and other heavy equipments .. lol .. it was fun .. i played on a pile of sands .. and when im about to graduate from elementary my dad bring me along with him on their trip to manila by land .. from mindanao to luzon .. i was in a truck so i can rest well and my dad and aunt in the pick-up .. it was an unforgettable experience for me .. from that trip i've already been in a lot of places .. from time to time we make some stop over to look around the place .. what i loved the most was the san juanico bridge and the tacloban city .. how i wish from that time i was already into photography and memory keeping .. :)

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