On my previous Baguio Trip, it was just a quick trip to attend a family event but I still tried to make a list of some place I want to go or restaurants to try .. So I make a search on what else to do or where else to go in Baguio City .. I came across Oh My Gulay .. but I saw where it was located but I didn't have a chance to go there .. so on my second trip for 2011 .. me, hubby, and cousin went to have our late lunch there .. it is located along Session Road .. Look for the green building named La Azotea and it's in the top most floor .. 

.. when you're there it's like being in different place and not in the city .. with the live plants .. small fishpond .. a tribal place .. 
.. there are a lot of art works around the place .. 

.. On the left side there is a small store wherein you can buy souvenirs like t-shirts, accessories and other items ..
And for our food we ordered for
.. oh my gulay salad ..
.. anak ng putanesca .. 
.. kabute .. 
.. pasta primadonna .. 
.. mansanas ..
.. Manga Fresh .. 
.. Limonada .. 
.. they serve healthy foods .. and uses fresh veggies ..
.. Oh My Gulay Menu .. 


  1. OMG was my fave hangout when we were still living in Baguio. I always ordered Talong Parmigiana and dayap iced tea.

  2. @ pinay travel junkie .. i wish some cities or provinces will have something like this too they can showcase the artistic side of a Filipino as well as the culture as well

    @ bridal cars .. yummt indeed and healthy foods :)

  3. I miss Baguio city! It's more fun in the Philippines ..

  4. wow ang sarap ng mga pagkain,oks sya sa mga nagdadiet,,..

    1. yup masarap .. fresh veggies .. for health conscious too ..

  5. @ Philippine Wedding Resources its time to visit baguio again .. :)

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  7. I really like the food it looks delicious..