Apag Marangle ~ Pampanga

I never heard of Apag Marangle .. It was during our Subic-Pampanga trip when on our way home we were thinking to have an early dinner since we know that we'll arrived Manila a little late .. And no one got any idea where to eat .. So I suggested we passed by San Fernando so we can have a lot of choices .. We don't even know where we are already .. lol .. Along the way we saw some posters on the post about Apag Marangle so we decided to give it a try .. so some of us are looking of the left side and the others on the right side of the road .. looking for it .. It's actually in Bacolor, Pampanga as their signage states .. :)

The set up was like a floating restaurant .. We were wowed by the set-up .. It was really like you're in a province .. :)
They offer a lot of different foods and even exotic foods like the tugak-frog, camaru, pinaupong manok.. :s .. Well Pampanga is known best on their cooking .. 
It is actually floating in the middle of the pond .. some ducks are swimming around the pond .. and mosquitoes as well .. :) .. since its a still water so that can be expected so have some repellants .. 
You can also go fishing and rafting without any charge :)
the foods that we have .... ♥

and for dessert :
Buko Sherbet
Buko Pandan
their map:
food ranges from 100 - 400 good for 2 .. depends on your food consumption .. :)


  1. Ambiance is sooo cool! I love native-themed restos. Any dish you can recommend?

  2. with what we had that night .. i like the sinigang :) .. but then there's still a lot of choices on their menu .. :)