PAMPANGA: Crucifixion On A Good Friday

In wanting to witness a crucifixion or the re-enactment of Christ's death and the only place I know where they do it is in Pampanga, I was able to convinced my friend who lives there to accompany me. Early morning of some years ago, a good friday, I and one friend left Manila for San Fernando, Pampanga to meet my friend. When we arrived in San Fernando along the way you'll see people carrying a cross while walking barefooted.

There are also people who whip their backs with bamboo sticks called "burilyos".

Then we rode a tricycle going to the nearest area where it can take us in the barrio of San Pedro, Cutud, which is around 3 kilometers away from the city proper of San Fernando. And since there are a lot of people we were dropped still far from the exact places where the rites will be done so we have to walked along with the people. We witnessed a role playing parade wherein some are clothes to be a roman soldiers. Then when reached the area three wooden cross is being prepared for the actual nailing of the penitents. They will only be taken down when they feel cleansed of their sin. When it was being done, I heard the hammering of the nail and the shout of pain from the penitents.

If you plan to witness their lenten rites on the next holy week don't forget to bring along with you water to hydrate yourself since the place is too hot and dusty. And with a lot of people witnessing the rites locals and foreigners it is expected that it'll be hard in getting a transportation around the area. :)


  1. thanks for the tips... this coming lenten season, i and my husband will go there to witness the re-enactment of Jesus Christ death.... this is my first time that will travel to Pampanga. :)

  2. We always visited San Fernando Pampanga just to watch the re-enactment of Christ's death.