An Encounter With A TAXI DRIVER

Feeling lazy, it's already 6:30 in the morning an hour after I turned off my alarm .. I know too well that I'm going to be late for work .. :)
It's already 8:00 a.m. when I was able to get out from my house (which is supposedly I'm already at work at that time), and the line for fx was way too long .. Next option: TAXI .. :)
It didn't take long a taxi finally stopped in front of me .. I asked the driver if he can take me to San Lazaro he didn't respond but when I was sitting already he asked where he will take me I said SM San Lazaro .. from SM San Lazaro I can give directions on how we can get to the office .. And he just said alright SM San Lazaro .. He's got a GPS!!! He looked for SM San Lazaro then he choose the fastest way and off we go .. The taxi is not like the new one but its fully equip inside .. His GPS is the instructed one .. like "in 200 meters turn left" so you'll hear its instruction from time to time .. Unlike other taxi's the driver display his drivers license in the dashboard :) .. he's got a car stereo, some mirrors, phone with tv, and a webcam inside the taxi .. at that moment he was listening to a traffic update while I was observing him .. then he took a wipe off marker and started writing in one of the mirror and he wrote .. TRAFFIC: EDSA: ORTIGAS Meralco Area, Makati Southbound .. And I was like "Cool!" .. I was able to get his name from his license .. And he would say "would it be ok with you if we'll take this road as to avoid traffic" .. he does inform the passenger of the way ..  :)
I don't usually start a conversation with taxi driver or answers an inquiries .. just being safe .. but this time I really can't help it .. The driver's at his 60's already .. So I start asking him if he owns the taxi and he said yes .. then he starts telling me his story .. 
It was 2009 when he decided to retire and he saw in the newspaper that Honda is having a car sale .. he took the opportunity and by 2010 he was fully paid for the car which he made as a taxi .. and he loves travelling and going to places .. he doesn't choose his passengers .. 
he said "I didn't asked you where you are going, I waited for you to sit first as I don't choose my passengers. I'll bring them to their destinations and they're just going to pay for the gasoline and the rest would be my savings. And that's how I can go to places". 
 And I said your taxi is fully equipped .. you have your GPS, your car stereo, your phone-tv .. and I saw a white board next to him so I asked "What is this for?" .. 
He smiled and said "Well, I draw, when Im in a queue while waiting for my turn I draw, right now I am designing a house, my house. Do you wanna see it?" I said yes and he pulled his board with bond papers on it. I looked at it and and I was like "Oh no!" it was indeed a design for a house an architectural design, but there's one long zigzag lines that bothers me and I asked "Is this a stairs?" He said yes .. "I was able to buy a lot in a great cheap price, it was an uphill and overlooking Antipolo!" he happily told me. "And since it's an uphill the stairs must be in zigzag since the house will be on top of the hill. What you're looking at is just a draft and I'm not yet done with that. After I'll finished that I'll make a proper one with how it really looks like then I'll input it in the computer with the colors and details. Do you know corel? It'll do the job faster" I already know what's his profession .. :) .. and I was already in awe .. 
Manong you're also updated when it comes to technology .. 
"Yes, but human beings are still smarter than computers, they can't design with human" .. 
And the question that I've been waiting to hear the answer .. "Manong architect po ba kayo noon?" .. 
He smiled and answered "Yes!" .. "I worked as a draftsman before .. I am a freelancer .. Right now from time to time I still do designs .. Even before I love travelling I stayed in Kalibo Aklan and actually I designed one of those chapels that's being visited by tourist." 
I asked "What do you usually design?"
"I can make a person looks good as I can also make a person looks ugly .. I do houses, building .. "
Again I asked "You said you love to travel where do you usually go?"
"Anywhere. Provinces to provinces. One time I went to dipolog and I got stranded in a port so I sleep there then the next morning there's a lot of fish vendors and I was able to buy a lot of tawilis fish for only P10 pesos .. and I also saw how they do the tinapa .. how they prepare it. But as of now I love driving this taxi because it brings me to places. And if my kids wants to talk to me i'll just turn on my webcam." 
So that is what this webcam is all about .. I pointed on the webcam I saw at the back .. 
"Yes. And actually I got two, that one and this one in the front" .. 
Where do you connect it? .. 
"I also have it but i hid it" .. 
You mean to say you also got an internet connection? .. 
He smiled and said "Yes" .. 
You really should hide it or people might have an interest on your stuffs. 
"You see these mirrors? (pointing in the mirrors in the dashboard) and my side mirrors? I've engraved my name on them so when it's stolen I'll look for it in Banawe and I'll say those are mine because it has my name."
Honestly it was well engraved in a script handwriting .. :)
Too bad we already arrived in my dropped off area .. I even forgot I was already way too late .. :)
It felt like it was the longest yet great taxi ride :)


  1. wow... sana masakyan ko rin 'tong taxi na 'to. hehe :)

  2. sana nga .. :) .. its not a new taxi .. ;)

  3. How I wish masakyan ko rin 2....kaya minsan worth it talga ang makipag usap sa mga taxi driver pero dapat rin mahaba ang patient mo kc hindi naman laht ng taxi drivr ganito ka bongga ang masasakyan mo:)

    But I have learned to master this craft pag sumasakay ako tapos c manong driver willing to tell a story I just listen and i out alot patient..oo lang ng oo then nag mamasid ako baka ang metro double:) pero minsan tlga you will learn small things from them....or to apprcte the life you have right now;)

    Thank you for sharing:)

  4. Wow, sana ganyan lahat ng taxi drivers. So puede din sha maging sweet lover? LOL!

  5. @sunnytoast .. yup .. its ok makipagkwentuhan lalo na kung si manong driver ang nagbibigay ng info wag lang na si manong driver ang tanong ng tanong ng info ;)

  6. @aj .. kaso walang nakalagay sa taxi nya na sweet lover cya ahaha :p

  7. Wow! Astig ni kuya! I'm pretty sure my dad would be the same if he works as a taxi driver. He just loves driving aimlessly and discovering new places...

  8. wow a good story amidst horror tales of taxi drivers extorting their passengers. this driver deserves a commendation.

  9. @lakbay philippines .. this is just one proof that there are still good taxi drivers :)