How much and how to get to CAGBALETE ISLAND?

Cagbalete Island for a weekend getaway!

Manila to Lucena:
As early as before I went to JAM bus terminal Cubao Station for Lucena to avoid traffic as well as to catch the boat. As I am expecting that the bus will leave at 3:00 a.m. But before 3:00 a.m. I was already on the road. It'll take more or less 3 hours bus ride from Manila to Lucena. I arrived in Lucena around 5-5:30 a.m. and dropped at a gas station as the bus didn't entered the grand terminal. It would take a few meters of walk to get to Lucena Grand Terminal.

Lucena to Mauban:
The Lucena Grand Terminal only has two section, one is bound for Manila and the other one is for within Quezon Province.
You can easily find those who will be heading to Mauban.As there are signboards hanging as to where the destinations of the buses. The one heading to Mauban is a shuttle size non-aircon local bus.
And since I arrived way too early there's only a few passengers and It didn't take long before the bus leaves. It'll take more or less an hour and a half travel from Lucena to Mauban. As some passengers enjoyed the movie, they're playing Karate Kid, I am enjoying the fresh air and the scenery .. :) .. and I considered that as one of the best part in the trip as I can't have it in Manila :) ..
You'll know it that you're already nearing Mauban proper when you'll see the big coconut rotunda in yellow and orange and embossed fishes on it ..
Since I didn't know where to exactly alight the bus I just asked the driver to dropped me to a place near the port for Cagbalete Island. I was dropped in a place where they gave the direction on how to reach the port and were told that there's no need to ride a tricycle anymore because it's only on the next block. And since it was still too early I take time walking at Mauban. And lucky enough I saw a vendor selling pansit habhab and some locals eating it. And so for breakfast I had pansit habhab. There are two ports just ask a local where is the port for Cagbalete Island. :)

Mauban to Cagbalete Island:
There's a waiting shed in the port wherein you can stay to wait for the boat. The first trip to Cagbalete will leave at 10:30 a.m. Good thing because a group rented a private boat for Villa Cleofas where I will also stay. As they can still accommodate some more passenger I took the chance just to get a little earlier to the resort. It'll take an hour boat ride from Mauban to Cagbalete. Technically if you're taking the public boat, from cagbalete port to the resort it'll take about 15 minutes trekking, around 1 kilometer by distance. And since we took the private and owned by the resort itself we were directly dropped in front of the resort. But it's low tide the boat can't go that near for us to alight, so we were transferred to a smaller boat.

And still we need to walk going to the resort but along the way you'll be seeing some sea creatures as it's low tide.

Cagbalete Island to Mauban
We'll be taking the last trip of the public boat which is the 1:00 p.m. trip. From Villa Cleofas we were assisted/guided by 2 boys as we trek going to the port in Sabang.
They can carry bags for you but I choose not to let them have mine since. :)  When it rained the way will be muddy but you can ask the kids where you can wash once you get near the port.
There is no exact amount on how much you're going to pay for their assistance. It's on your conviction :p .. but please be generous enough ;) .. I still have to wait for the locals to finish unloading their items before we can ride the boat. And a boat transfer will be necessary.

Mauban to Lucena:
This time I didn't take the bus instead I will be taking the van for Lucena. From the port we ride a tricycle and ask the driver to take me to the Van Terminal for Lucena. Even if you'll take the bus, the terminal is somewhat far from the port.

Lucena to Manila:
I alight the van at SM Lucena as I will be meeting a friend and from there just right in front of SM Lucena I rode the JAM Bus bound for Cubao.

Public Boat Schedule:
Cagbalete Island to Mauban - 7:30 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.
Mauban to Cagbalete Island - 10:30 a.m. & 4:00 p.m.

Fare Expenses:
Manila to Cagbalete
P 218 - JAM Bus - Cubao to Lucena
P 54   - Local Bus - Lucena to Mauban
P100  - Private Boat (shared) - Mauban to Cagbalete

Cagbalete to Manila
P40   - Public Boat - Cagbalete to Mauban
P9     - Tricycle - Mauban Port to Bus/Van Terminal
P60   - Van - Mauban to SM Lucena
P218 - Bus - Lucena to Cubao

P677 -- Total Round Trip

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  1. @bisayangmanlalakbay .. meron po .. sa villa cleofas ako nag stay by tent .. although meron din naman cottages .. meron din sa Pansacola & sa Sto. Nino .. :)

    1. hi! just want to know how much the rent for the tent in villa cleofas? thanks!

  2. Ask ko lang kung may resto or kainan sa villa cleofas, thanks.

    1. hi .. may kainan sila and they can cook for you :)

  3. medyo mahal po yata pitching ng tent sa knila per night? wala na po bang mas mura?