A Quick Trip within NORTH COTABATO

Out of curiosity, I decided to try the Cotabato City Airport route on my home vacation trip ..
 it was years ago when I last visited Cotabato City .. It was during my elementary days .. Those who are not used to travelling within the city are quite scared because of the things that's happening and being shown in the news .. I am not expecting that much but I wasn't disappointed .. the airport was small but easy access .. and I was fetch by my brother-in-law since ill be staying at their house which is 3 hours drive from the city ..
We passed through some part of the City .. I saw a part of the second largest river in the Mindanao which is the Rio Grande De Mindanao .. the City looks clean .. :) .. and we just dropped by at Jollibee for our meals -
drive thru ..

I just learned that there is a Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in Cotabato City .. :) .. then we look for some pastil .. a pastil is a rice top with ground chicken cooked like adobo and wrapped in banana leaf .. and it only cost P5.00 .. a must try! :) .. we passed by Pigcawayan .. Pikit .. and ..
Kabacan where I finished my grade 5 & 6 in elementary and Secondary School .. the town has already improved a lot with a lot of establishments and seems busy already .. and some of my friends still lives in the town .. then Matalam .. Dalapitan .. Bialong .. and
M'lang where I had my grade 1 - grade 4 elementary years ..

I was able to have a glimpse of the place since we will be fetching my niece and nephew from school and they are also studying there .. :) .. then Buayan where we once lived .. Bagontapay .. and
Tulunan where i'll be staying for the night in my sister's house .. :) .. it'll be a bonding moments with nieces and nephew and finally meet my latest niece .. :) .. i was able to eat all my faves .. crabs, valenciana, kalderetang kambing, kilawing kambing, bangus, cassava cake, pinaypay na saging .. :) 

oh goodness of home vacation!

** and we passed more or less 15 check points on our way from Cotabato City to Tulunan ..


  1. ito ang maganda baksyon,..yong tipo bawat daan sa isang lugar maaalala mo yong mga special memories mo:)

    na miss ko tuloy mag bsyon at silipin muli yong kinalakihan:)

  2. nice to be here... followed your blog

  3. A trip down memory lane! My kind of trip. And unfortunately, doesn't happen these days as I am busy creating new ones :(