My Encounter With A Victim

It's a Sunday .. Rainy Sunday afternoon and I went to church .. and the topic is about the Golden Rule:
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same as "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You" .. and its difference with "Don't Do Unto Others What You Don't Want Others Do Unto You" ..

and we were ask if we saw the movie Pay It Forward .. and I did .. :) .. then the life vest ad was also being shown..

Pastor Ed discussed it all and even how to embrace it .. 

And then after church around 6:30 p.m.  it was still raining but not that hard so I walked going to Quezon Ave., and waited for an FX bound for SM North as I was thinking of having my dinner there. Some minutes pass yet there's still no FX. When someone asked me what time is it, so I answered him. Then he said thanks he started talking to me about what happened to him. The man is a victim of snatching wherein he didn't noticed that he was being robbed in the jeepney. 

My first reaction is this might be a scam. He might be tricking me or what. Then he asked for help as he lost all his money and lucky enough for him his cellphone was not taken from him as it was hidden. Just for him to leave me alone I gave him small amount of money which lead him to be teary eyed. He told me he lives in Cavite which is way too far from our current location. He told me he is a professional and a CPA. Maybe he felt that I am having doubts he showed me his ID. And he said he'd swallowed all his pride and asked me to lend him the fare that he need just to be able to get home. He'll just replaced it by sending thru bank or cellphone load. If I don't believe him I can talk to his wife. 
Then I felt like no matter if it's real or not there's a Greater One to judge. Then thoughts flashbacks that I've been in the City for years and an incident like it NEVER happened to me. I am blessed enough and protected. So I gave him the money that he needs for his fare going home to Cavite City. It took him some time to stop thanking me. Then he asked for my number so his wife can call me and thank me as well. But I declined to gave him my number. Then he said so they can also repay me thru load. Then I just said .. "One day someone will also approach you and ask for help, just also help that person" then I smiled. Then he thanked me again and I watched him leave. 

  • Don't let doubt swallows the whole you .. there are a lot of people who tricks people just to get money .. but remember there are also people who will also tell you the truth. 
  • Give and one day without you noticing it you already had it back even twice or in threefolds.
  • You might be being tested by Him. :)
  • Learn from your encounters.

This is not to brag of what I've done, I just want to share one my encounters wherein I myself learned something. Hoping in some ways you'll learned from this too. :)


  1. joh, i encountered that situation when i was still studying in Makati. I always commute via mrt and lrt. One day At V. Mapa lrt station, an old lady was sitting at the stairs and she was teary eyed begging for fare to go back home to rizal. I gave her a small amount of money to help her out. i remember my favorite quote which i always apply, "practice random acts of kindness." parang pay it forward din di ba? all of the lessons u've written applies talaga... but then, from almost daily commuting, napansin ko na sya lagi, mga twice a week, andun sya begging for fare with the same reason... :{ imbes na mainis ako, i feel sad na there are really people who will use "paawa effect" para makapanloko ng tao. but then again there's God to judge them when the time comes, there is karma isn't it? as for me, the phrase practice random acts of kindness will still apply.. :)

    1. yup madami rin ganyan .. some would even bring a baby .. :( para kaawaan ..