Hillsong United Tour 2011: The Aftermath

It was May 2011 when I heard that Hillsong United will be in the Philippines again through my cousins post. Immediately I checked on ticketnet of the available seats and it was almost full. I informed my friend about it and she was excited to watch as well (I was with her the last time Hillsong United was here :D ). My other cousin who is living in the US read about the thread that we had and she message me in private saying .. "let me know how much is the ticket and it'll be my birthday gift for you and please choose the VIP seat" .. but unfortunately there was no more VIP seats available but only the upper box seats and only 4 seats available so I immediately bought the 4 tickets as I don't want to take the general admission seats .. :)

my buddy angel came along .. :)

the coliseum was filled up .. it was a night of praise and worship .. it was not about the singers but it was about worshiping the Greater One Above .. just like the last time they are here .. I'm looking forward for the next Hillsong United Tour in the Philippines ..


  1. I just like your title very much ""Do not look at the world through your head; look at it through your heart."" We are very busy in our life but travel give me some leisure time to enjoy life properly.