BEABI - for travel essentials

In travelling it is more convenient to bring enough or just a little extra of your stuffs .. like for instance shampoo, conditioner, lotions, etc ... those in liquid forms .. Just in time before my travel to Singapore i found this store in Sm North named BEABI .. i dont know what the name means .. but when i checked what they're selling .. the stuffs that i need .. 
they have containers for different kinds of items and in different sizes .. for cologne/perfume instead of bringing the whole bottle you can just bring just enough for the travel period .. in pump or in spray .. containers for soap, contact lenses, powder, retainers .. etc ..

bag organizers in different sizes and colors too .. depends on your preference .. 

i got the bottles, and the ziplocks in different sizes .. a great help and not that space consuming in my bag .. :)

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