It's been years that i've been seeing a small area in Quezon Ave & West Ave of Slice N' Dice with a Char-Grilled Steak for P99 .. quite affordable for a steak .. but i dont have any chance of trying it .. not until i started taking the LRT on my way home from work .. When i checked out whats in Walter Mart I saw Slice N' Dice just in time that i am looking for something to eat .. :)

they do have a lot of choices and even combo meals .. 
and their budget buddies .. :)
on my second time to dine i was with a friend and i ordered the steak salpicao .. lots of garlic .. yummy!
while my friend had the char-grilled steak .. and i so love it too (take note im not into beef but i can make an exception) .. i love the taste .. just right for me .. so what we did was half of my salpicao in exchange to my friends half char-grilled T-bone steak .. :)
for the veggies we ordered their kangkong .. i like it too way different from chowking
and who can say no to a freebie?? .. the meals goes with a free soup .. :)
a western and filipino taste :)

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