THE ART OF TRAVEL : A Weekend Movie

After a long day .. movie marathon .. fixing my bedroom .. cleaning up my closet .. had a walk in UP Diliman to have some fresh air .. I end up my day with another movie .. THE ART OF TRAVEL ..

It is about Conner Layne, a high school graduate and just about to marry his fiancee, who is his first love. But catching his fiancee in a compromising position, on the wedding ceremony he ditch his fiancee and board the first plane out which is not near Cancun .. He ends up in Nicaragua, where he experience staying in a guest house then transfer in a hotel type place, experience some poor shower facility, get robbed by the locals, but he met other travelers who push him to explore more. Then went to Panama and meet two couple travelers who also invited him for an exploration in South America jungle to clear a path as well. It is to cross the darien gap between Panama and Colombia After the jungle exploration it didn't end there. Conner continue to travel to other countries.

I'll say inspite of the misfortunes that might happen along the way, don't make it as a reason to stop exploring. Like with Conner who got robbed, bitten by bugs, encountered some guerillas and so forth still it didn't make him stop.
"Mastering the art of travel is not accomplished with practice or talent. no school will give you a bachelors degree in not getting shot while backpacking through Eastern Africa. Or in avoiding Montezuma's revenge on your trek through Mexico. It's a way of life. Unknown to the majority, it's almost impossible to convey to your friends back home over the course of a single conversation. It's more of a feeling, it's the excitement I experience the night before a trip. The high that comes with booking a one-way train ticket to a place I've never heard of. It's the little things that so often go unnoticed. I used to think back to my wedding day and I wonder, how did I get here? Why me? And then I remember all that I've seen and done, the friends I've made, the countries I've called home, and all the bugs I've eaten by accident." - Conner Layne 


  1. Never heard of this film before. Sounds very interesting though, based on your synopsis. But unlike the protagonist, I was not compelled to travel cuz of a bad experience. Anyway, inspiring quote...except for bug-eating part. :p

    I take walks around Sunken Garden too! :)

  2. I've never seen this movie..thank you for sharing:) I have to look for this:)

  3. @ AJ .. with the bug-eating part by accident i also haven't experience it and hope i won't .. ahaha .. but insect eating i tried it :P .. hope to bump on you around Sunken Garden .. :)

  4. @ SUNNYTOAST .. hope you'll like it .. :)

  5. hermoso blog, lleno de energias positivas