OKTOBERFEST 2011: Kick-off Party

♪♫ .. last friday night .. yeah we danced on tabletops .. and we took too many shots .. think we kissed but I forgot .. last friday night .. yeah we maxed our credit card .. and got kicked out of the bar .. so we hit the boulevard .. ♫♪

Last friday was the kick off party for the grand beer festival of San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest 2011 .. It was a blast .. It was held in Aseana City near the new DFA office .. The ticket only cost P50.00 inclusive of 3 120 ml of the limited edition oktoberfest beer .. I went with my officemates and some staffs .. We took the LRT up to Taft Station and from there we transfer to a taxi because of heavy traffic due to PALEA rally .. When we reach the area we saw a street vendor selling grilled dried squid .. :)
.. the literal street food .. lol .. eating it by the street too :P ..
.. One side of the area was decorated with the big inflated and lighted all kinds of San Miguel Beer .. 
.. and lucky enough we arrived early and the line was not that long upon entering .. and once you get in you'll be stamped with OKTO2011 .. :)
.. There's a stage in an open area where different bands plays and there's a 30 feet beer pyramid that symbolizes the fresh and great taste of San Miguel Beer. Besides the open party area, there are individual tents for every brand of beer that houses different performers and beer games..
.. All beers in different brands is sold at P10.00 for the 160 ml cups. And we stayed in the San Miguel Strong Ice and San Miguel Alcoholic Malt tent where at the later part GLOC 9 and Dice & K9 performed. I was the one who choose for the tent since I only drink light beers and I want to try the Lemon .. :)
.. In every cup of beers that we purchased we get 1 beer stub that can be changed with some items like jacket, t-shirt, ref magnet that also serves as a bottle opener .. other than those items .. 3 stubs of strong ice can be exchange as a photo with the fhm girls plus a photo print out .. how guys love it .. lol
.. some staffs dared me for a bet .. the first bet is to make one of the older staff dance without calling his name and looking at him .. So I just asked them to be game .. and when the music starts the older staff simply danced .. and I won .. and another bet is for me to make the oldest one to dance and I just called him in the open area and when he got there without any words he just danced .. and I won again .. another bet came if I can make the boss dance .. and they're surprised because I did .. so watch out! without doing anything I can make you dance :P
the night ended as some of us not drunk .. with the other are drunk but still sane .. :P .. and one got way too drunk .. :P .. a fun filled night ..

The Oktoberfest Kick-Off Party will also be in:
October 1 2011 - MEPZA Field, Cebu
October 14 2011 - Limketkai, Cagayan de Oro
October 28 2011 - Paseo De Sta. Rosa, Laguna


  1. I wish I could have the chance to attend this party at your country. It looks like fun and all that stuff! I love beer! ♥

    1. it was indeed super FUN .. and too bad i wasn't able to attend for this year ..