TACLOBAN CITY TRIP - Encounter With The Locals

Among the trips that I've done this one is the most unplanned one .. as long as I've got a place to stay then I'm good .. And I want to do a lesser budget trip .. Got some places on my list like the Leyte Landing and the San Juanico Bridge .. Good thing is I found one contact from CS Tacloban .. :) .. so off I go .. When I arrived at the airport I went straight to the tourism information desk and ask for some list of any contact numbers in case of any emergency .. and a map as well .. Then I asked how can I reach downtown by just taking the jeepney and she said that once I go out there's a lot of jeepney .. By the gate area not wanting to ride a wrong jeepney I asked the guard where and which jeepney should I take that'll pass along Imelda Road .. the conversation goes like:
Me:      Kuya saan po yung mga jeep na dadaan ng Imelda?
Guard: Yung mga jeep doon.
Me:     Salamat po.
(when I was already 2-3 steps away)
Guard: Dun ka sumakay sa may "even" number ha.
(Then I saw the numbers above the jeepneys just to make sure I went back to the guard and ask since the number was in 3 digits)
Me:     Kuya dun po ako sa jeep na ang huling number ay 8 sasakay?
Guard: Hindi. Doon ka sa even number na jeep
Me:     Doon nga po sa 8
Guard: Sa even number nga yung sa 7 ang hulihan
Me:     Cge po salamat! *i smiled*
(but in reality i really got confuse .. what are the even numbers and what are the odd numbers)
I asked the jeepney driver which one should I take that'll pass along Imelda ..  just to make sure .. when I arrived in the hotel I immediately texted a colleague asking what are even and odd numbers .. can't get over it .. :D

LEARNED: I still know math .. lol .. even numbers are  2,4,6,8,10 and odd numbers are 1,3,5,7,9 .. :D

I was informed that it is not allowed to walk the whole San Juanico Strait .. But one tricycle driver also told me that it is still possible .. And in a jeepney I was even seated in the middle with a stool .. :D ..When I arrived in San Juanico Bridge I went straight to the check point area wherein a group of policemen are staying with one policewoman .. They greeted me and I greeted back and smiled .. I asked them if I can walk the bridge from one end to another .. I got a go signal from them .. And they asked me if I wanted to be assisted because if I want they can accompany me and drive me around .. And that they can even take the pictures for me .. So I said okay .. :) .. the policeman named Karlo assisted me he became my driver, photographer and tour guide as well .. from one point to another we stopped for some shots .. and he'll tell me what are those views that I am seeing .. about Samar and Leyte .. :) .. so kudos to them! :)

When I arrived back to the downtown I was walking along the old terminal and part of the market, just in time for the sunset .. I was taking photos of the sunset with the busy people around .. 2 boys approached me .. "Ate piktyuri kami" and they are smiling. I just smiled back. But I was a bit in doubt thinking if these two boys are just like those in Manila that they'll run off with the gadget.  And he asked again "Ate piktyuri mo kami". And I smiled at them and said "game". After I took their picture I saw them happy and before they leave they said "Ate Salamat!" and gave me a smile. And I replied "Salamat!"


While I was walking and taking pictures in the Balyu-an Tower and Bayside Area the kids who are swimming shouted at me "Ate piktyuri kami!" .. I remember the two boys who approached me the other day :) .. With all smile I went near them .. And I started taking photos of them and they started to show off their diving skills .. :) .. I was having a hard time talking with the kids since they really are waray kids .. I somehow understand some of the words especially those words that are similar to cebuano words .. they are enjoying posing and diving as i take their photos then they'll come near me and see the shots .. and they'll do it again .. 

 and one man fishing was also there .. and we had a good chat and laugh as well .. he asked me "ano ang UNTI-UNTI DIBDIB LAHAT" and I tried to explain it in other terms but I myself didn't get it .. Then he told me about his grandfather who left for Manila wanting to land a good job. And when his grandfather came home to Tacloban City, his grandfather said that he only know a few tagalog words and its "UNTI-UNTI DIBDIB LAHAT". I asked the man what it was .. He asked me whats UNTI UNTI and I said its like DAHAN DAHAN .. whats in DIBDIB .. I said HEART .. whats LAHAT .. I said EVERYONE .. He said it means "Mahalin mo lahat kahit unti unti lang .. pamilya, asawa, nobyo, kaibigan, katrabaho, lahat" .. Now I get it :)
He was all the way smiling while sharing his story .. I was enjoying talking with them that I forget about time not until someone texted me that he was already there at the meeting place. So I bid farewell to them and thank them for the time I said "MADAMO NGA SALAMAT" on their own language. And they smiled and said "MAGHIROT KA" I asked them what does that means? And they said "MAG-INGAT KA". 


And when I start to think of the trip what I can first brag about is my encounter with the locals.

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  1. This a happy post. I mean the way kids smile show how genuine theyre happiness are.

  2. @CHINO -- indeed! my contact(a local) in tacloban was even amazed when i told him my story and he asked me if those kids asked money from me .. and i said no and not even a hint :) .. thanks!

  3. Whatta rowdy bunch of kids. Naconfuse din ako kay manong guard! Lol.

  4. @GAYE o di ba galing ni manong guard mapapaisip ka kung may alam ka pa ahaha

  5. hahaha tawa much aku dun ky manong guard.:)

  6. What a trip. I wanted to do that... they say you will really know the place if you will get lost haha.. i want to share a place where i stayed over. This place will really great for people in a budget.

    I enjoyed staying. Hope you also will


    1. Helloooo!
      Meron din ang go hotels sa palwan, dumaguete, mandaluyong and bacolod. Share lang :)

    2. I saw it on my way to MacArthur Park and it was not yet open at that time :)

  7. this post makes me proud i was raised in tacloban city. hehe thanks for sharing

  8. Was fun reading your post. I'll be in Tacloban this April 22nd. I'm looking forward to experience the same.

  9. Glad you had time to visit our place and aprreciate it. Hope I could've seen you here in Tacloban :)

    1. Hi joey .. maybe when i go back there .. planning to visit tacloban again next year *fingers crossed .. and this time with my little travel buddy .. i love tacloban .. :D

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