This time I have to start early since its my last day .. :( .. And I got an invite for lunch from Fernando one of the moderators of CS Tacloban .. So I still got some time to check out some place .. I started around 9:00 a.m. .. I rode a tricycle and asked the driver to take me to Leyte Park Resort .. It is one of the hotels in Tacloban that is known as it also carries the name Leyte .. and within its area are the places to hang out to chill and have some drinks .. :)

I thought the other spots are just within the resort area too .. as I don't have a proper map to check on .. I walked heading out and once I reached the gate I asked the guard and some tricycle driver where Maria Kannon Statue is and they don't have any idea .. and I remember that it has another name .. Madonna .. and they pointed me the way .. and they said it'll take a long walk .. so I decided to ride the tricycle just to know that it really is can be walked .. its not really that far .. the difference of distance in manila and province :D .. 
Madonna of Japan
Maria Kannon
Madonna of Japan in Madonna Garden is a symbol of peace between the Filipinos and Japanese people. It is in memory of the brave soldiers who fought and died in the battlefield.

then I walked along Magsaysay Road ..
and I saw the Tacloban City Hall .. It look so nice! And its facing the sea ..
just across the city hall is an entrance for the bay side .. where the amphitheater is located as well as the Balyu-an Tower .. and the seaside where everyone are free to swim .. :)
the amphitheater
Balyu-an Tower and the sea area
I also got the chance to have an encounter with the local kids that makes me forget about time .. until Fernando texted me that he's already in the hotel .. I walked to Sto Nino Church where I can take a tricycle back to the hotel .. I was able to shot the church exterior during daytime .. :)
Sto Nino Church, Tacloban City
I head back to the hotel and finally meet my txt guide Fernando .. :) .. He treats me at Stephanie Smoke Haus .. an eat all you can lunch .. 

veggies, chicken, seafoods

lechon, more shrimps, fish, and salad
no wonder he took me to an eat all you can lunch .. because after our lunch some more tours has been done .. we walked going to the calvary hill and climbed it .. on our way up there's the stations of the cross .. not minding the rain that starts to pour .. and we made it to the top .. from the top I saw Samar and the whole Tacloban City .. :)

when the rain stopped we go down the hill and rode a tricycle to the Leyte Capitol .. when I saw it what I said was .. wow! .. all white with murals of the leyte landing in one side and on the other is the first mass .. and across the Capitol is the Tacloban version of the Statue of Liberty ..
then since I wasn't able to take photo of the Crucified Christ which is located along Magsaysay Road .. we walked from the Capitol to Kanhuraw Hill .. but the gate was locked so we weren't able to go near.
the Crucified Christ
for me not to missed my flight back to Manila .. we walk straight to the hotel .. and Fernando said "You just had completed and toured Tacloban City!" .. :) .. So I took the jeepney going to the airport and since I still got time .. I asked the guard of where I can go to eat their delicacies .. And he pointed me to Happy landing Canteen just outside the airport ..

chocolate moron!
I ordered for one binagol and two chocolote moron ..
"don't leave a town without eating their delicacies!"
.. then head back to Manila.
don't worry i took the shot while going up to the aircraft yet there's traffic :P


  1. My mouth is watering after seeing your binagol pic hahaha! I love binagol. I am from Samar, by the way. And I'm happy that it looks like you had fun in Tacloban.

    Balik utro! That's how we say "Come again" in my native Waray :)

  2. Wow! you got an amazing pics. Its been a long time since i went home. Thank you for the pictures, it reminds me of good memories of my home town.

    1. your welcome .. visit your hometown soon .. :)

  3. thanks for sharing your wonderful experience here in leyte..


  4. Quite interesting spots, nice photos and would love to go there.

    1. you should visit tacloban .. :) .. i did have a great experience there .. :)

  5. thank you for your well-written article and for you pictures. they are now more valuable with the damage caused by supertyphoon yolanda. these are moments that you captured, and will never again come back. at least you preserved a memory of a city, a moment that will live on. thank you also for your patronage of happy landing canteen. it is managed by my wife's family and having lost everyhting there, they are happy that you have at least captured some of them in your article. my sister-in-law wants to relay to you her thanks.