After an 8 hours of sleep and morning laziness .. my second day start at exactly 12:00 noon :) .. and to start off a tummy must be filled .. Dahil Sa Iyo Fastfood is the place to start .. 

there are a lot of viand to choose and at an affordable price but its pakdol I want to try .. not knowing what's pakdol I asked the lady and she said its "kalabaw" .. One order is worth P200.00 pesos :( .. and its already good for 2-3 person. Got no choice but to finish all the meat ..
after the sumptuous lunch that I had .. Its time to explore .. I walk around 2 blocks from the fastfood and I passed by People's Center and Library .. Outside it'll look like an abandoned building but actually the library is in the second floor .. :)
.. and some more few steps and I am already in the Sto. Nino Shrine or the Romualdes Musuem ..
.. a chapel will welcome you upon entering the Sto Nino Shrine .. It is one of the 29 houses of Marcos ..
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then I ride a jeepney heading for the new terminal as I am going to the San Juanico Bridge .. I don't have any idea where that new terminal is but when we passed by one terminal I asked the driver where I take a ride for San Juanico Bridge and right there he pointed an area where it says San Juanico .. Unfortunately both sides of the seats are all taken and the option left are the stools in between and just like a local I sat there .. :) .. It took  more or less 30 minutes ride with not knowing where I am already, or if I am on the right track .. until welcome to San Juanico Bridge!
I walked to the check point area .. Where policemen are stationed .. they're situated just the part right before the bridge .. and I informed them that I want to take a walk to and from of the bridge .. but they offer to accompany me :) .. since I was solo and when I saw the uphill part of the bridge I took their offer :) .. One policeman accompany me .. he became my driver and photographer for my self-portraits :) .. But makes my San Juanico Bridge walk fail .. Still kudos to them :)
San Juanico Bridge .. the longest bridge in the Philippines .. connecting Leyte and Samar .. It is a gift and "testimonial of love" of President Ferdinand Marcos to the first lady Imelda Romualdes Marcos (a daughter of Leyte)

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.. after the Leyte-Samar-Leyte motorcycle ride and doing some photo ops .. near the check point area there's a jeepney heading back to Tacloban Downtown area .. And I alight back to the old terminal .. just in time for the sunset ..
I walk around downtown area .. and came across the Salon and Spa of Cristina Gonzales - Romualdes who is now one of the councilors in Tacloban.
.. the former Price Mansion which is now CAP Building .. this was formerly used as the general headquarter of General Douglas Macarthur ..

then from RTR Plaza since it's already getting dark I decided to visit Pareng Oble of Tacloban City .. Well it took some questioning before I was allowed to get inside UP Campus .. I was expecting that the statue was not inside a fenced campus just like in Diliman :) .. 
.. and then to the Santo Nino Church which is also known as the Church of Liberation 
.. and for dinner I decided to just have cold coffee and some pastries at Jose Karlo's Coffee
.. my Apple Walnut Muffin & Mescoccino Karlo!

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  1. Starting your day at 12 noon while traveling is the way to do it! Haha! Your day 2's really successful, you were able to cover so many places!

  2. I'm from Leyte and our town is near Tacloban but I haven't had the opportunity to roam around the city. I might wander around Tacloban when I visit my province. (which, I still don't know when) Hehe..

  3. @ gail .. indeed! and the experienced was great! so much fun and great encounter with the locals!

  4. @ pack & drift .. you should .. its worth it .. promise!

  5. wow, solo trip? inggit gusto ko na din matry ang solo trip in the philippines :)

  6. @karen yup another solo trip .. you must do some solo trips too :)