One of my favorite Pinoy Food is TAPA .. yum yum yum .. And BINALOT got one of the best tapa their TAPA RAP SARAP .. :) .. BINALOT in english is WRAPPED .. Binalot's Company Vision is to be the number one truly Filipino pride fast food restaurant in the Philippines that promotes Filipino humor, values and culture .. I like their kind of packaging so traditional .. At times during lunchtime at work I'll asked a staff to buy me some food from Binalot .. Most of the time i'll have it take out coz we usually eat at the office .. 
this is how it looks like .. wrapped in a paper ..
the banana leaves provide the scent of so Pinoy .. :) .. so traditional ..
when the paper is opened .. its still wrapped with banana leaves ..
it is being eaten in the banana leaves .. :) .. my tapa comes with salted egg and tomatoes .. I so love it!




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