On my way to the office or home i always see this new sprouted food chain along West Avenue .. Chic-Boy .. by its picture you'll identify immediately what they are offering Chicken and Baboy .. on my way home i always saw it jam packed with customers .. so one afternoon about evening i invited my friend that we had dinner there since it was still early and i want to try it .. 

Chic-Boy @ West Ave. Branch

 i am expecting that the price would be just like Mang Inasal or Chicken Bacolod but to my surprise it was way more affordable than the others .. what they offer is just similar to what other Inasal places wherein they serve various rice meals and also offers rice all you can. Chic-Boy's pride is its Cebu Lechon Manok and Cebu Lechon Liempo that are marinated and stuffed with herb and spices and charcoal boiled to juicy and tasty. Other than that they also serve Inasals, Barbeque, Soups, Vegetables, Variety of Sisig, Merienda items and Desserts.
 .. and since im not a huge eater .. lol .. i ordered from their Chibog Busog Meals same as with my friend and for our main course:
Cebu Lechon Manok Meal with their special vinegar sauce @ P99.00
Cebu Lechon Liempo with their special vinegar sauce @ P99.00
for our soup .. and by the way it's already for a share .. their servings are good for 2 persons (not unless if you really are a HUGE eater :P )
Sinigang na Salmon @ P55.00
for our dessert we ordered their turones con leche and i love it!
Turones con Leche @ P30.00
and at P25.00 you can already have a bottomless iced tea! In each table there's a customary condiments
soy sauce, vinegar, chicken oil 
and what i love that they have on their tables is this:
fried crushed garlic!
I do recommend Chic-Boy just be a little early coz at peak hours for mealtime it is really packed with customers .. They also delivers because the next day we had it as our lunch at the office.

for menu:
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