After the visit at Nagcarlan Church .. its time for The Underground Cemetery .. The construction was headed by a franciscan missionary named Father Vicente Velloc in 1845 who also helped in the reconstruction of the San Bartholomew Church.
 This is the only cemetery in the Philippines where in 15 feet below you can find the crypt which contains 36 niches being buried .. The first was buried in 1886 .. and buried there are the franciscan priest and the high officials .. 
 Upon entering the gate you will be welcomed by the Chapel wherein it is the last station of the funeral rites is being held. It is in the chapel where the priest gave his last blessings before the entombment.
 There are 240 niches beside the chapel wall wherein the privileged elite catholic families residing in Nagcarlan are buried since the Spanish era up to 1980's.
 During the Spanish era around 1896 the underground cemetery was used by the Filipino revolutionaries or the Katipuneros as there meeting place. 
 During the Filipino - American War it was used by the Filipino patriots as a shelter and a place where they can formulate their battle plans. And during the World War II it was used as a safehouse for the Filipino guerillas.
In 1978, The Underground Cemetery was declared as a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Institute. And at present it is not operational anymore but some cultural, historical and religious presentation are being held there.

the whole scenery facing the gate turns right to the Chapel

the scenery starts from the Chapel turns to the right to the gate
 The cemetery has an entrance that is about 18 feet with two iron-grill gates.
TUESDAY - SUNDAY -- 8:00 A.M  - 4:00 P.M.
No Entrance Fee

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