The Quezon Memorial Circle was established to honor the late former President Manuel L. Quezon. It was built when Quezon City is still the capital of the Philippines designed by Architect Federico Ilustre. When I first set my foot in here it was way back years already and a holy week and we're just into checking out the place and biking so we haven't really explored it. 

a place where people fly their kites, play badminton, jogging, biking, or just hang out ..
to help you go around .. directional signages are visible :)
the fountain where people love seeing those waters go up and down especially kids not minding the extreme hot weather ..
sorry can't help to take photo of this .. a group of people going around dancing i don't know why .. see what curiosity can do .. the guard said they're doing it for the earth day ..
for recreation a volleyball court, basketball court and even chess area uhmmm for the nerdy nerd (just kidding! ;) )

family day are spent here with the picnic area and the palaruang pamilya wherein kids will have fun (it needs some improvement though some grass maybe and add more activity items for kids) ..
during weekends there'll be a lot of tiangge from food, housewares, clothes, dvd's, etc .. the P10 all items .. and a lot more .. check it out!

some restaurants can also be found inside:
  • Max's restaurant
  • Serye
  • Bacolod Chicken Inasal
  • Tropical Hut
  • Coconut House
how to get there:

if commuting: take a jeepney or fx bound for Fairview or Philcoa then drop off in front of Quezon City Hall. take the underpass to cross going to the circle.

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