The best getaway from a busy city is in an island .. and nothings great but in an island .. Davao City has a lot of great beaches .. a great place for summer .. It was 2008 when I first set foot in Isla Reta I was just invited by my cousins on their camp .. they stayed for overnight while i left in the afternoon .. When I saw it i fell in love with the place .. After two months I went back with my family then the month after for an overnight plus island hopping :) .. 2009 i went back with my family for just a day tour ..

the beach is very clean and crystal blue water.. a fine white sand beach .. so relaxing ..
a little secluded and quiet .. they just had a few cottages .. a simple and affordable beach resort

they don't have a grand cottages to stay for an overnight what they have is just a simple cottage where you can sleep and bath .. they also allow tents without any charges .. and grilling .. but they do also serve some foods .. i would recommend their tinolang manok .. its the best :) .. island hopping can also be settled and i think it would range around P1,500.00 for a group .. :)


Day tour -- P75.00 / head
Overnight -- P 150.00 / head (adult) & P75.00 (kids)
3 yrs old & below -- free of charge

Concrete Room (max of 2 persons) -- P800.00 / night
Native Room (max of 3 persons) -- P700 / night
Dormitory Type (max of 15 persons) -- P3,500 / night

Picnic Hut -- P150.00 / night
Table under the tree -- Free of Charge
Open Cottages -- Free of Charge

Electricity is only available at 3:00 P.M. until 6:00 A.M.

In Magsaysay Wharf in Davao City they have a motorboat trip going to Talicud Island it would take 45 minutes - 1 hour the most 

CONTACT: for the schedule you can contact Isla Reta at Tel. No: 082-234-7903


  1. wow, this is the 1st time i heard of this place. ganda. reminds me of coron's malcapuya!

    explore and learn, ayos! =)

  2. include it in your list .. i swear its really worth it .. you could also do snorkeling and diving on the island hopping :)

  3. this blog is awesome! is this a 2011 update?:)

  4. thank you .. :)
    the rates are from my last inquiry which was december 2010 but thats still the running rate since then .. but you can also check on their number .. for sure you're gonna love it there :)

  5. thanks thanks! this is part of my IT na nga, thanks for reminding me

  6. wow. this looks promising johx! :D may food ba binebenta dito and mura lang ba or do you have to bring one from the mainland?

  7. @doi .. pwede ka order ng food .. they cook .. you can also bring and cook too :)