At exactly 1:55 P.M. I left Manila thru Cebu Pacific Air 5J-581 its a little gloomy 
 and arrived at Mactan International Airport ahead of time from the expected time of arrival .. after I got my baggage I didn't took the Airport Taxi .. instead I took the metered white taxi .. once you got out of the arrival door you just have to walk right and at the end of the building there's a small pedestrian lane cross and you'll see the stairs up go that way and when you reached the top which is the departure area .. there are white taxi's in lined .. a security guard gave me a piece op paper with some contact numbers and the taxi details in it .. and I asked some friends who are residing in Cebu if there's a need for me to gave more than what is stated in the meter (well the Manila style cabs) and they said no just gave exact fare or if you have a change they'll be giving it to you .. heading to the city we passed by Marcelo Fernan Bridge the newer bridge ..
after settling in I met with TB Tina and her friends we went to Plaza Independencia .. So I got a chance to somehow have some night photo op on the place .. :)

within the Plaza is the main entrance for the Fort San Pedro, which is used as a military defense built by Spanish & indigenous Cebuanos during the Spanish era ..

And just in time for the Lakbay Rizal program of Department of Tourism in celebration for the 150th year of Dr. Jose Rizal, I have my Rizal Passport stamped .. In Fort San Pedro the S.S. Espana docked in Cebu on August 2, 1896 for a routine one-day stop over. After breakfast on board, Commander Cancinero took Rizal under custody to the Spanish Military Commander of Cebu, Gen. Adulfo Montero in the Military Headquarters.
before the National Museum is located within the Fort San Pedro but it was already transferred .. and the only things left in the room are some paintings ..

after the night walk Tina and her friends left for Osmena Circle as I'm going to Corner FM to meet with CS Cebu .. :) .. then after dinner we went to Ayala Center for the Fete Dela Musique Cebu 2011 .. meet some other CS and other from Alliance Francaise ..

the night hasn't ended yet since Fete Dela Musique ends we transferred to The Outpost for more Musique Trip night .. 
and among the group what I enjoyed most is the SKA music .. :)
and at about 3:00 a.m. we called it a night .. :)

"daghang salamat CS Cebu sa kasadya"

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