On my second day, inspite the fact that I sleep way too late I was awaken by my alarm :( .. too bad i forgot to turn off my alarm .. and I can't go back to sleep .. and so i browse the tv channels looking for any events in Cebu in lined with the 150th year of Dr. Jose Rizal but to my dismay i found nothing .. :( .. to commemorate Rizal I worn my Shirt with a cartoon Rizal caricature and a print that says MY HERO .. :) .. At 1 P.M. I decided to start my day I went to Cebu City Hall where in for sure I'll be seeing Rizal Statue and their program which is giving a flower wreath was already done when I walked in ..
Rizal Statue in Cebu City 
And since it's a Sunday the City Hall is close .. 
and just in front of the City Hall one TV Station News Anchors were having some filming and photo shoot :)
just across the City Hall is The Cross of Magellan

a lot of old woman will be approaching you once they'll see you around the cross and asked if you want to offer .. after a couple of times saying no i finally said yes to one woman who approached me .. so i choose which candle because every candle varying on its color has a different meaning .. then she started to do the sinulog dance and prayer offering .. :)
then I went  to Basilica de Minore Del Santo NiÑo .. I was already thinking of doing the Cebu Walk .. :) .. then I saw this man selling balloons which remind me of my childhood days .. :)
the Basilica de Minore Del Santo Nino is one of the landmarks in Cebu and the church was somehow crowded since it's a Sunday .. I was able to take photos since there's no on going mass at the moment and just in time that some tourist groups are there too ..

and within the area is the Basilica Del Santo Niño Museum which houses Sto. Niños .. vestments in different sizes and the offerings by the devotees of Sto. Niño .. Taking of photos is not allowed inside the museum and there's an entrance fee of P10.00 ..
Due to the extreme hot weather I decided not to pursue with the Cebu Walk .. I took a cab and head to CnT Lechon on one of their branch located just across SM Cebu .. I ordered 1/4 kilo and 2 puso rice and a Pepsi max .. :) .. i wasn't able to finished everything so the left over i had it packed .. :)
when I got out from CnT I still can't take the heat so I went to SM and check on some souvenirs .. I got my 2 Cebu Ref Magnets and got Angel a shirt from Island Souvenir .. great designs :) .. I didnt stay long in the mall .. I asked the Security Guard if there's a jeepney going back to J.P. Garcia .. just then I heard someone said that it's raining hard outside so I stayed a little more and I saw some more souvenir areas .. And since it's been raining in the afternoon, looks like its not going to be a good idea to go to Tabuan Market for the dried fishes .. It was then in SM that I bought some "danggit", dried squid, the dried fish in tocino, then I saw the sweetened banana which originated from Bacolod / Iloilo still I got one pack and 2 packs of Shamrock .. and I really am not feeling that good my head's feeling heavy :( maybe because of lack of sleep plus the extreme heat .. I had one serving of froyo then head back to the hotel .. luckily I was able to catch some sleep and it was still early afternoon and when I wake up it was already dark .. I just went out to buy some bottle of water and I just ordered Pansit from the Hotel's Cafe and had it delivered in my room .. :) 
after having Pansit I stayed in bed and I was able to get more sleep .. I was able to get lots of rest and longer hours of sleep .. what a day!

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