CEBU TRIP: Day 4 leaving Cebu :(

My vacation ends here .. I must be up early so I won't missed my flight back to my stressful world Manila :D .. and when I opened the curtain in my room I just love what I saw .. :) 
good morning Cebu!
 I took the cab since I don't know how to commute going to the airport .. and I really don't want to be late .. good thing there's no line upon checking in .. I was way too earlier :)
I still got time to check the stalls in in the pre departure area .. Well I don't suggest to buy souvenirs in the airport too expensive compare to the real market price ..
I still got 1 1/2 hour to wait for my flight so I had breakfast .. my last meal in Cebu .. I bought some suman and a puto in one of the stalls then I had Coffee Dream coffee and Cinnamon .. 
then  I have to leave Cebu with flight # 5J-562 of Cebu Pacific Airline .. bound for Manila
Daghang Salamat Cebu!

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