WEEKEND: Market/Bazaar Hopping

I've heard about the Sunday Market/Bazaar at Eton Centris Walk just beside Quezon Ave. MRT Station it happens every Sunday morning that ends at around 2 P.M. .. I've been planning to check on it since its not that far from me but laziness always have its way on me .. lol .. one Sunday I and some friends went on a Market/Bazaar Hopping .. We start at Eton Centris Walk at 9 A.M. .. How to start a day? A CAROUSEL RIDE!!! for P50.00 .. :)
Well the child like in us .. :)

 Foods .. foods .. and foods .. and who says you can only have puto bumbong and bibingka during "BER" months??? .. well you can have it every Sunday :) .. rice cakes and some more pastries :)
 there are also fresh products such as the baby lobsters and shrimps, vegetables, fruit juices, and even cooked viands .. and pomelo from my hometown .. :)
 there are also flowers, shoes, bags, clothings, utensils, accessories, beauty products and decorative items ..
 and for my highlight of the day: the citrus malunggay and pineapple cucumber .. healthy living? .. ;) .. i got curious of how it would taste especially the citrus malunggay .. TASTE GOOD!!! in a big serving for only P15.00.
 and the empanada ti ilocos! cooked right in front of you .. it has a bean sprout, vigan longganisa, and one egg then they'll deep fried it .. and it has a sauce that makes it more yummy! P30.00 .. the ilokano part of me is satisfied :P
Angel comes along .. won't be complete without her having a pic too ..
we took the MRT for our next destination .. Mercato Centrale @ BGC .. from Quezon Ave Station to Ayala Station then we took the Shuttle Bus to the Fort .. P12.00
this time its more on foods .. foods .. foods .. did i mention food? :P .. plus lots of samples .. lol ..
basil iced tea (basil one of my fave herbs) , cakes cakes and cakes, pizza!!!, negra paella
kebab & isaw! .. and it's ISAW day!
and i had Pan de Bagnet for a meal .. well looks like the Ilokano blood in me rules that day .. bagnet with "kamatis, bagoong, sibuyas" plus fresh mustasa and sukang Iloko .. in a classic ciabatta .. P200.00 .. too bad i wasn't even able to finished it .. its quiet big for me .. :s
Angel @ Mercato Centrale .. :)
the epic part of the mercato part is when the rain seems like running after us .. lol .. and we took a cab for our last destination .. to Rockwell Power Plant mall .. on the tent are no food bazaar .. thank goodness! .. but a lot of nice items .. the food fair was located in the basement of the mall .. and quite expensive for some small pack of chips .. the Love Japan bazaar .. it has an entrance fee of P50.00 ..

 and how i love these wall clocks .. especially the white one  ..
i left the bazaar happy .. i got the travellers towel that i've been looking for weeks .. and half the price or even more cheaper than the half the price of sea to summit towels :) .. good thing i was already planning of having the sea to summit towel .. the light and quick dry towel .. ♥


  1. All of this looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing! But the thing that caught my sight were the pomellos. I simply love the fruit!

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  2. Oohh, your post got me craving for puto bumbong :(

  3. @ jimmy .. especially those pomelos in the pic .. sweet!

    @ ptj .. dont worry when you got home well have lots of puto bumbong .. :P .. aleah was there too on that day :)

  4. uy! meron palang ganito sa Eton Centris! mapuntahan nga pag sunday...

  5. @ding .. meron every Sunday morning .. i would suggest start early :) .. and hope to bump on you there :P