A Short Trip to Baguio City

I was invited for my cousin's baby 1st birthday and dedication at Baguio City just perfect enough to leave Manila with its scrotching heat weather .. I planned to leave Manila a day before than planned scheduled to be able to go around Baguio .. But due to some laziness I wasn't able to catch the earlier bus in Victory Liner the next trip to Baguio is 1 P.M. so I transferred to Dagupan Bus to be able to catch an earlier schedule .. Fare for Dagupan bus from Cubao to Baguio costs P432.00.
With me is my travelling buddy Angel ..

On my way to Baguio I was getting an update from one of my cousins so I asked him to keep on updating me their whereabouts and I'll just follow when I arrived .. :)
upon entering Pampanga area :)

Angel enjoying her 1st trip to Baguio

have a break have a kita kat :)
 I arrived at Baguio at around 6:00 P.M. already so no time to really visit some spots outside downtown and decided to stay at my relative's place [another way to cut down expenses ;) ] ..
My cousin told me they're at Center Mall so I said they'll wait for me there .. Upon remembering from my previous walks in Baguio I know its just close to Session Road so I decided to just walk along Session and I was even able to dropped by at Baguio Cathedral .. :)
 One of my to do list is to dine at Cafe by the Ruins (at least one of them I was able to do), I invited my cousins and an aunt that we should try and have coffee at Cafe by the Ruins .. good thing that they agreed .. lol
 The next day, it was somehow gloomy we were able to attend church and had lunch at Yellow Cab in SM Baguio ..
Pizza for lunch!
 After the sumptous pizza lunch and since it's still early for the party .. I went along with my cousins to Burnham Park .. a little photo op while some went for a boating ..

then prepare for the party .. 
and an hour after the party around 11:00 P.M. .. it's time to leave Baguio and head back to Manila to be able to not be late for work the next day .. I took Victory Liner which cost P450.00. 
Travel time: 5-6 hours

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