CEBU WALK: Plaza Hamabar

The Plaza Hamabar is dedicated in honor to the wisest and bravest man of Cebu, Rajah Humabon. It is located just in front of Cathedral Museum.
the obelisk
Rajah Humabon was the first chieftain to embrace Christianity in the Philippines. When Ferdinand Magellan arrived on April 7, 1521, he made a blood compact  as a symbol of their newfound friendship. But on April 28, 1521, Magellan's troop voyage to Mactan and engaged in a battle with the native chieftain Lapu-lapu. With the battle it made Rajah Humabon lose trust to the Spaniards that he ordered his people to kill all the Spaniards who remained in the island to avenge their rape of the Cebu's women. Rajah Humabon became the first Filipino to avenge the honor of women.
Rajah Humabon was tattooed with fire in various designs. He wore only a cotton cloth before his private and a scarf embroidered with a needle about his head. A necklace of great value hanging from his neck and two large earrings fastened in ears set round with precious gems.

Rajah Humabon

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