Something new's in Sky Garden .. it's HAPADOG! .. they offer japanese style hotdog
for their establishment's design i find it cozy except if the weather way too hot ..
they have different kinds of hapadog that you can order either in half or full .. for the half it ranges from P75.00 - P95.00 .. and for the full it ranges from P155-185 ..
they also offers sweets, side dishes, & rice meals

lychee iced tea for my drinks with real lychees on it .. :)
I had a californippon .. it was their version of california maki .. it has mango, tamago, kani, cucumber, ebiko, nori flakes and japanese mayo
and for a side dish its korokke .. :)


  1. Californippon looks interesting. How was it? I love California Maki, so I'm trying to imagine how it's like morphed into a bun :)

  2. it taste good .. similar taste with cali maki plus the japanese hotdog and bun instead of rice ..