CEBU TRIP : Day 3 & Cebu Walk

after the long sleep .. i woke up early to pursue with my DIY CEBU WALK .. Before going to Cebu I've read about Ka Bino Guerrero (just click on his name to go to his page) who is doing a Cebu Walk, a tourist guide (the Carlos Celdran of Cebu :) ) I tried to check on if he has a walk tour over the city but he was scheduled for Palawan same date as I arrived in Cebu .. for my Cebu Walk:

at around 7 a.m. : a morning walk in Plaza Independencia

Malacañang ng Sugbo
after the rounds in Plaza Independencia just in time that Fort San Pedro opened, P30.00 for an entrance
had some photo op in Fort San Pedro for the daytime version
at 8 a.m. had breakfast at La Fortuna Bakery Inc.
for breakfast: fish, veggies, juice drink and suman in preparation for the continuation of the walk
just across the street is the Plaza Sugbu
then some souvenir shop in one street .. got my guitar keychains and ref magnet for P10.00 each :)
then goes on with my Cebu Walk .. at the Magellans Cross

then there's an entry passage heading to Basilica De Minore Del Santo Niño 
once I got out of the gate I crossed the street and walked straight where there's a lot of vendors selling some Sto. Niño's in different sizes and some foods for pasalubong .. on the end of that street there's an intersection and I already saw the side of Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Church, I crossed the street and entered the side entrance of the church ..
I exited at the front gate and on the left side I crossed the street for the Cathedral Museum
and across Cathedral Museum is the Plaza Hamabar, just a small area with a small obelisk and Rajah Humabon sitting alone ..

Rajah Humabon
to continue with the walk I went back to Cathedral Museum side and just walk ahead until I reached an intersection and I saw Shamrock Pasalubong Center where they sell the best Otap and other delicacies .. 

on the next block I reached the oldest street in the Philippines Colon St.
the obelisk in Colon St.
from Colon St I walked a little more to the Heritage of Cebu 

and I took the right side of the street and right across is the Yap-San Diego Ancestral House 

and I turned left for the Casa Gorordo Museum .. the last stop for my Cebu Walk .. :)
my DIY Cebu Walk ended .. and since it was still early afternoon I decided to travel a little farther .. lol .. I went to Mactan for the Lapu-lapu / Mactan Shrine .. When I reach Lapu Lapu City
I immediately noticed the Virgen De La Regla Church .. 
then off to the Shrine to finally meet Lapu-lapu .. It was just a small area to check on .. its just the historical event on it ..
within the area there is also the "Balay ni Gloria" (House of Gloria) where as they say the former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo stays when she's in town .. 
then the spot where Lapu-lapu killed Magellan ..
then heading out are stalls sellings items for souvenirs .. 
in Mactan I was also able to see guitar factories .. 
and for the evening just in time Koko's back from Malapascua we meet up in Ayala Center and head to Larsian for dinner .. 
and before the day end we already received a certificate stating that we survived the Skywalk!

and it's time to packed my stuffs and get some rest .. :)

(there will be an individual posts for some places mentioned above)


  1. honestly the first time i travelled in Cebu I don't like it because of the traffic i experienced .. but with this years trip that i had .. i love it! .. been trying to book for december (promo) .. :)

  2. Thank you for raking rime to blog.. Hope you also put in a word or two in trip advisor so that those wanting to explore Cebu for the first time can also hear you.