FRIDAY: Free Day!

It all started with this flyer that 2 girls are giving out in SM North this morning while we line up for the fx .. They offer free ride .. At first I was hesitant coz it was a program of GMA News TV .. What if they'll be doing an interview and show it on television .. its a no no .. but when I saw that their program started since July 25 then its  a Go! It just means that no more interview and so on since it has been days already .. 

I was with a friend .. and I that we'll give it a try .. who doesnt want freebies? .. We were assisted by a man working for GMA Network and I asked him whats with the Libreng Sakay "Free Ride"? And he said it's just one of the community program that they do ..
The original plan was a Free Ride for students but since only a few ride the bus they opened it to all but prioritizing students ..
they have 2 buses .. and their routes are from SM North EdSA to Sm Manila and vice versa ..
that passes thru:
what to do: we are only asked to register on their booth and they gave us tickets 

It was a comfortable ride and its FREE! And since there's still a lot of seats available, along the way they still offer the free ride to those who are waiting for some rides .. and since its a Public Service they gave out papers to be filled up during the ride in case the passenger got some complains .. FREE COMPLAIN!
and during the trip games has been conducted and I got a FREE UMBRELLA :) just right in time for the rainy weather ..

that's how my free day Friday start .. followed by FREE LUNCH in celebration of Darna's birthday .. FREE 2 PACKS  OF YAKULT .. FREE SNACK .. and FREE FARE .. :) .. who wouldn't love FREE??? 

the free ride runs thru until August 19, 2011 .. so it means I can still get days of free ride!!! :)

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